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Bilge software make unforgettable websites for You.

At Bilgesoft Company, we redefine online excellence through meticulous web design, development, and agency services, crafting digital experiences one pixel at a time.

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We make smart and attractive websites.

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Ashkan nabizadeh

Ashkan Nabizadeh

A portfolio website, such as the one created by Codezade Company, serves as a digital showcase of their work, skills, and achievements. It effectively highlights their projects, accomplishments, and contact details, playing a crucial role in personal branding and career opportunities, emphasizing the importance of keeping it updated for maximum impact.



Fashion transcends mere clothing; it becomes a canvas for self-expression and individuality. In the online realm, Codezade Company hosts numerous stars, and among them shines “Sorkh,” a digital platform that celebrates the creativity, craftsmanship, and art of fashion design, where style meets technology to create a captivating online experience for fashion enthusiasts.

palett gallery

As the Codezade team, we aim to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and usability. PalettGalery is set to stand out with its unique design and user-friendly interface, allowing you to focus on your art.


Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh

We are a team that generates custom solutions for each project. Codezade Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh is specifically designed and being developed to meet your needs. By working together, we are constructing the digital gallery of your dreams.


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Bilgesoftware specializes in website analytics, encompassing the measurement, analysis, and reporting of data to optimize site usage, user behavior, and performance.

Customer requests

At Bilgesoftware, we present the analysis we've conducted to the customer, make adjustments based on their requests, and initiate the project.

Project implementation

During this process, Bilgesoftware oversees all the steps from initiating a software project to its completion.

Project delivery

In this process, Bilgesoftware ensures that the project is delivered to the customer only after a comprehensive check and obtaining approval for all its components.


The Achievements We Had

Believe in Bilgesoftware and your dreams, for your determination will pave the path to your success.

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Bilgesoftware specializes in web design, skillfully crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Our expertise lies in seamlessly combining aesthetics and functionality to enhance online user experiences effectively.


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Unlock Online Success with CodeZade's Premium Web Design and SEO Services In the dynamic digital landscape, a visually appealing website and robust online visibility are

Blog Website

A institutional website for, such as the one created by Bilgesoftware Company, serves as a digital showcase of their work, skills, and achievements. It effectively