Ashkan Nabizadeh

A portfolio website serves as a curated showcase of an individual’s or a company’s work, skills, and accomplishments, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of their capabilities and style.

Ashkan nabizadeh


Fashion transcends mere clothing; it becomes a canvas for self-expression and individuality. In the online realm, Codezade Company hosts numerous stars, and among them shines “Sorkh,” a digital platform that celebrates the creativity, craftsmanship, and art of fashion design, where style meets technology to create a captivating online experience for fashion enthusiasts.


Palett Gallery

Explore a vibrant world of colors and creativity with our paint and palette website, where a diverse range of high-quality paints awaits to ignite your artistic passion. Unleash your imagination as you browse through our curated palette selections, designed to inspire every brushstroke and bring your artistic vision to life.

Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh

A portfolio website, such as the one created by Codezade Company, serves as a digital showcase of their work, skills, and achievements. It effectively highlights their projects, accomplishments, and contact details, playing a crucial role in personal branding and career opportunities, emphasizing the importance of keeping it updated for maximum impact.


Genel Motor

Revolutionize industry with top-notch reducers from genel motor company. In just 5 days, we revamped this website to reflect the efficiency and innovation embedded in our products. Explore the future of precision engineering with us.

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